Los Angeles 2017

LA’17 Day 2: Going to Disneeeeylaaand!

Day two started as day 1 ended, with eating at Jack in a box, it was okay, and conVenient, as I still knew nothing of the area. And I can already now reveal that it was not the last time I ate breakfast there.
Next up I had to go to the Anaheim convention center to pick up my ticket for the expo that started the day after. This was a bit of a mess as there seemed to be no one there who knew where I was supposed to get my ticket (they do not send them to people outside the US) but after about an hour I succeded in getting my ticket… Next stop DISNEYLAND!
Entrance to California Adventure
Disneyland California is the original Disneyland, and as such it’s almost a pilgrimage for a disney dork, so I was pretty excited to go there. The park is (like most disney parks) split in two, Disneyland and Disneys California Adventure. I decided to save the best for last, so my first day at the parks I spent at California Adventure.

I went on a lot of different rides, one of the advantages of travelling alone is single rider lines, so I didn’t spend a lot of time waiting in lines.

I went to see the Frozen musical at the Hyperion Theatre. It was fun, I espacially enjoyed the way they made Olaf and Sven in their stage versions. In short the musical is just a short version of the first movie that of course includes the greatest hits from the film. There are a couple of videos from the musical below.



I ended my first full day in LA watching the water show Wonderful world of color, there is a video of highlights below.



Assorted pictures from day one



And finally I met my namesake (in danish Donald Duck is names Anders And)