Los Angeles 2017

LA’17 Day 5: D23 Expo pt 3

Celebrating 80 years of Bambi

So 2017 is the 80th anniversary of Bambi, and sadly we also recently lost Tyrus Wong who was a great influence on the artwork of Bambi, so there were several reasons to celebrate this masterpiece. The panel was moderated by Leonard Maltin himself, and among the panelists were the original voices of young Bambi and Thumper and animation legend Floyd Norman (who btw has made this awesome drawing for me), it was very interesting hearing about the creation of the movie and Leonard Maltin is always a fountain of great stories.

Alan Menken in Concert

The last thing I did at the expo was to see Disney Legend and 8 time oscar winner in concert. I did not record this myself, but someone else did, so here is a video of it.

After the concert I met up with Evan and Jessica and we decided to skip the rest of the expo and go to Disneyland.
So here are a few pics of us in disneyland.