So yeah. I wasn’t exactly expecting this years big vacation to be in my home country, but there was this virus, so plans changed, and I’m kinda happy they did as it made me have to do something different. It started as a stray idea in my head, but I decided that it should be doable for me to ride my bicycle from my home in Copenhagen to northern jutland where most of my family lives, and after planning out a few different routes I found one that should be doable in a few days. I’m sure most bike enthusiasts could have done it in two days, but for a guy of my physical shape it would be tough, but I’m on this new trip where I try to challenge myself to do new things.
So I ended up with a route that went as follows:

Day 1) Copenhagen to Aarhus, this route included two ferries and about 93 kilometers of bicycling. This ended up being closer to 100 km as I biked around Aarhus quite a bit after arriving.
Day 2) Aarhus to Hadsund. This part of the trip was about 70 kilometers.
Day 3) Hadsund to Vester Hassing. This bit was “only” 60 kilometers.

AND I DID IT! Rarely have I been prouder of myself, it was hard and I was exhausted, but I proved to myself that I could do it.

After a couple of days with my dad and his wife I got on my bike again to go see my mom and her husband, with a stop at my brothers on the way.

And then on the 7th day we went to the amusement park Fårup Sommerland to celebrate my 40th birthday. My birthday was actually back in february, but I decided to to do anything back then and instead invited my whole family to come to Fårup for a day of fun, we ended up being 36 people, and it seems like everyone had a great day. I would definetly recommend this as an alternative way of celebrating a birthday.

After Fårup I went up to Skagen and spent the rest of my vacation there.

Below are videos of some of the rides in Faarup Sommerland filmed with an insta360 camera.

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