Hi! I am Anders

As you may already have discovered this site contains a lot of photography and video stuff, and a lot of Disney and nerdstuff.
That is because I am what you may call a Disnerd, I love oldschool animation, and I also travel around the world to attend different nerd events. My other huge passion is photography and video. So this site is made to show my adventures in these fields.

So what’s the purpose?

Do I make money from this site? No. Do I get wealth, power, fame? No. Do I get ridicule? Maybe a bit. But the main purpose really is that I just like to share with the world, hopefully someone gets some joy out of looking at my photos or watching my videos, or maybe one of my travel blogs can help someone get inspiration or tips for their own adventures.

Get in touch

Got questions, comments or other ramblings you need to get off your chest, then feel free to contact me through any of these social media platforms:

My personal instagram

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