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  1. Ihhh hvor godt ven, jeg glæder mig virkelig til den næste artikel::)) Det er da en sjov vinkel og du har så evigt ret, tiden er op over…he he

  2. Hej Anders. Det lyder godt alt sammen, du kan blive en god rejse leder Vi følger med i hvad du oplever. Skriv alt hvad du kan det er godt skrevet. Hilsen Birthe og far.

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for this tip!!! I was already fearing for the worst until I saw this article and tried various cables and got something to work.

  4. This is exactly my situation, however your solution doesn’t seem to work for me.

    I have the EM-5 Mk3, connected via ElGato Cam Link 3K on video mode. I’ve got it on C-AF and have pressed the info button to clear the overlay, however on my computer’s video feed I’m still getting the face detection and battery indicator overlay.. am I missing something?

      1. Hey Andersen, just worked out that you can’t actually stream 4K from the Olympus without the face tracking and battery (what the?), so I has to set the 1080 to clean the stream. Thanks for the reply!

        1. neither of these work for me, in 1080p holding info does nothing, still have the face square and battery overlay, wish me luck figuring out what the hell im doing wrong