So what’s this then?

I have been on the internet for what seems like forever, even though it wasn’t really a thing until I was like 16. But as a giant dork I of course wanted to be part of this world wide web thingy so even though I did not have an internet connection, and I was a poor student I still went ahead and very soon bought my own domain name (and then I brought floppies with updates to my site to school every day and uploaded them after school).
This means that I have produced quite a lot of content through the years, some of it is lost forever, some of it deservers to be lost, some of it I still have, some of it I have managed to find through the wayback machine, and all of the content that I either find useful or fun to look back at I’m gonna be publishing here in the popcore archives.

What’s that weird name you ask?

Long story short, before I made this domain and my real name part of my internet identity I managed to have quite a few domain names, the longest lasting one was popcore. And where does that weirdo name come from? Well back in the day I was known among friends as Popcorn, so when I had to buy a domain I of course wanted popcorn, but that was of course taken, so I decided on popcore instead, this could then also be a play on words that only I ever really understood, but the content was the core of me and also I wrote a lot about popculture, so it all seemed to fit.
But now that site is long dead just like all the others, but if you want to read a bunch of oldd stuff I have written then feel free to browse the popcore archives, though they are mostly in danish.